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Setta Pro Chef Acrylic Board White Medium

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Setta Pro Chef Acrylic Board White Medium

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Bright white acrylic with juice groove.

This material offers the following properties:

• "Knife Friendly" The material does give way to the blade edge, to a depth of about 5 microns. This means that it will not blunt the knife blade, and the fine scratches are too shallow for anything to get trapped in them. Unlike the plastic boards that get sliced up and trap bacteria. You cannot cut a Setta board up, so they very long lasting.

• Dishwasher Safe.

• Completely non-porous, germs or fungi cannot penetrate it, or reside in the grooves. Even moisture cannot penetrate it or cause damage. This makes the most hygienic and sanitary surface on the planet. This has been certified by independent laboratories according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 846. (It was originally invented and marketed as replacements for human bones and joint implants, as it cannot absorb or give off anything.) It has been used in Pathology Labs (DNA testing) and Hospital Operating surfaces. Setta products are therefore conducive to a clean and healthy environment.

• It is completely resistant to stains and smells. And moderately resistant to scratches. It is extremely durable and is also a renewable surface.

• Is very easy to clean, as nothing sticks to it. A wipe with a damp or dry cloth will remove everything on its surface.

• Has been extensively tested for its mechanical, thermal, electrical and other surface properties. It cannot de laminate and stands up well to daily wear and tear. It resists most impacts, nicks and cuts that occur.

• It is a completely inert material, it does not emit gasses, if accidentally burned will release Carbon Oxides and the smoke generated is light, and does not contain toxic halogenated gasses.

• Colours are solid through the entire thickness of the material and cannot wear away.

• Environmentally friendly, 'Solid Surface' is manufactured in compliance with strict international standards. All the materials used in manufacturing and production are GREEN GUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified as producing Low VOC emissions.


Additional Information

  • Colour: White
  • Brand: Setta
  • Dimensions: W: 12mm H: 24.5cm L: 45cm


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