Frequently Asked Questions - Bridal Registry

Do you deliver the gift I purchased for the bridal couple?

Yes we do. We will deliver all of the gifts ordered online at the same time, whenever and wherever the couple requests.

Will you wrap the gifts?

Yes, all wedding gifts are wrapped in beautiful wedding wrapping paper.

How will the couple know who a gift is from?

On the website, when purchasing from a bridal registry list, there is the option of writing a “virtual card” which will be attached to the relative gift. The couple will also receive a list after their wedding with a list of the items bought, and the names of people that bought them.

What if I want to check what has been bought on my registry or add something else to it?

There is on option in the “Bridal Registry” section that allows the “bride” or “groom” to login to their registry. The'bride' or 'groom' will be able to search through their registry and view what items have been sold and what items are still available. There is also the option to add more items to your registry if most of the gifts have been bought or if something else has caught your eye on the website.

What if I want to return a gift?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your gift, we will either replace it or exchange it for another item or with a Banks gift card for the amount of the return.