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Luigi Bormioli was established 1946 by Luigi Bormioli in Parma Italy and brought industrialization to blown glassware manufacturing to create classic, elegant and beautiful glass drink ware.  Besides the drink ware manufactured by Luigi Bormioli their factory also produces perfume glass bottles for some of the most sought after perfume houses
in the world. These include Channel, Dior and Davidoff to name a few.
Luigi Bormioli is a world known brand name for top quality and affordable glass tableware made from SON.hyx crystalline and Sparkx ultra-clear glass.

Sparkx® Ultra clear glass
Ultra clear and durable Glass according to ISO/PAS IWA 8:2008, Eco Friendly lead and heavy metal free.
Sparkx® ultra clear glass with Lightness of 98.8 guarantees excellent transparency, Chroma value less than 0.5 guarantees no discolouration from the glass, Iron Oxide less than 140ppm prevents unsightly colourings in the glass. Resistance to industrial washing cycles over 2000 cycles. Improved resistance to mechanical shock by 30%.

SON.hyx high tech lead free crystal glass
High tech blown lead free crystal glass, break resistant and dishwasher safe. SON.hyx crystalline glass is totally transparent, has no discolouration of light and improved strength in Rim chip resistance, impact resistance and stem twist resistance. SON.hyx experiences no transparency or brilliance changes even after 4000 industrial washing cycles.   

Titanium reinforcing
Titanium reinforcing of the stem is a development by Luigi Bormioli Research and Development Department by applying Nanotechnologies directly on the glass stems. This patent process hardens the glass surface and improves resistance to abrasion and increased stems resistance to breaking by 140%

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