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Recipe: Jan Braai Pizza

Recipe: Jan Braai Pizza
September 5, 2018 No comments


This braai pizza will be the most popular dish at your braai from here on onwards.

As with any meal, using the right tool makes it even better and more impressive.

This Tramontina Professional Pizza Slicer ...

will not only make you look like a professional, but the blade will slice through the pizza like a hot knife through butter, leaving you with perfectly slices of braaied pizza. Because there are 2 layers of dough, this tool will make your job super easy, and your pizza perfect and in tact keeping all the filling on the inside.


This will probably become one of your favourite go-to recipes. It’s so simple you might one day even question why it was in a recipe book at all. Whether you are craving it, want to impress guests or are on a road trip and want to do a quick scenic and hassle-free braai, this is a nice trick to have up your sleeve. I first made this on the Jan Braai vir Erfenis television show a few years ago and it went cult overnight. In those first few weeks of the Jan Braai Pizza, many supermarkets sold out of ready-made pizzas on a daily basis, such was the demand. The possibilities with toppings are endless and you can use whatever your favourite off-the-shelf pizzas are. I usually go for two store bought pizzas with different toppings and then manually add some extra feta cheese before going to the fire. Enjoy!

WHAT YOU NEED (feeds 2–4):

2 store-bought pizzas (raw but prepared, with the toppings of your choice)
something extra (like feta cheese)
a hinged grid


1. Light a fire and wait till the coals are the same heat that you would braai your braaibroodjies on – in other words, medium heat.

2. Place the two pizzas on top of each other with the fillings facing to the inside. If you want to add anything extra, do so.

3. Place the pizza ‘sandwich’ in your hinged grid, close the grid tightly and braai the pizza, turning it often, the same as you would do with a braaibroodjie. You want the outside to be toasted and crispy and the cheese on the inside to be completely melted.

4. Once you have achieved the perfect pizza, take it off the grid, slide it onto a wooden board and cut into slices. Serve immediately.

Recipe by Jan Braai

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