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Our Brands: AMT Gastroguss the "World's Best Pan"

Our Brands: AMT Gastroguss the "World's Best Pan"
April 3, 2018 1 comment

AMT Gastroguss is an official sponsor for the German National Culinary Team and is tested by their professional chefs. Voted by the German Chef's Association the World's Best Pans. The cooking, roasting and frying characteristics of the cookware used by the chefs of the German National Team, have provided reliable and have produced excellent results. Whether used at International Competitions or at home, you will achieve the best results. Made from high quality aluminium and pressure cast. Individual attention is made to every pot, at Gastroguss own foundry, so only the highest quality pans are made. This provides superb browning and constant heating and cooking. AMT Gastroguss can be used on all common cooking surfaces IE. gas,electric,ceramic and halogen stoves and hobs.There is also a special range of AMT for induction stoves. The coating is 100% PFOA free.

The AMT Gastroguss Range boasts the following pieces:

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Cookware from AMT Gastroguss is cast from high-grade aluminium alloy under permanent monitoring. Therefore, we guarantee that our 8-10 mm thick cookware bottoms will not warp for at least 10 years.

AMT Gastroguss cookware is fully guaranteed against manufacturing and material defects for 2 years.

However, in case it happens that our product appears to fail our quality standards, you are welcome to return the faulty pot or pan within two years of the purchase date, together with your completed guarantee card or receipt.

Please note that shipping and handling costs are not covered, but will be credited once your warranty claim is granted.

Cookware that has been damaged due to neglect or incorrect handling according to our "care instructions", or only show signs of normal wear and tear, are not covered by this warranty.

Care instruction

Before using AMT Gastroguss' cookware for the first time, it should be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent. After drying the cookware thoroughly, please wipe the interior lightly with cooking oil, and remove any excess with a dry paper towel before storing the cookware in your cabinets.

Maintenance is just as easy. A sponge, dishcloth, or paper towel is usually all you need to get the surface clean.

Cookware that shows non-removable residues due to improper cleaning, will not be covered by our warranty.

Cookware from AMT Gastroguss can help you save energy. Due to the extremely efficient heat conduction, AMT Gastroguss cookware reaches and maintains desired temperature quickly. Hence, you can turn down the heat sooner and save on your energy bill. You will achieve the best cooking results, by preheating the cookware two minutes before adding the food.

Caution: Never leave the stove unattended, burned cookware is not covered by our warranty.

In order to avoid scratching, DO NOT use metal utensils or cut in AMT Gastroguss cookware.

Additionally, DO NOT slide the cookware over your stove range.

AMT Gastroguss cookware should be hand-washed. Since food doesn't stick, it is very easy to clean the surface without scrubbing. DO NOT use scouring pads or harsh detergents, warm water and a mild detergent are sufficient. It is extremely easy to clean the pan with only a paper towel while still hot.

We do not recommend to use a dishwasher.

Please note that a slight colour change on the surface of your pan is a natural patina. This enhances the non-stick characteristic of the product and signalises that the pot or pan is ready for cooking.

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Rene Lesch April 4, 2018 at 3:15 PM
I bought my extra large GMT fry pan some years ago and can absolutely recommend and endorse it as the best non stick pan in my kitchen cupboard and I have quite a collection of various pans.