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Inspiring Women: Vanie Padayachee

Inspiring Women: Vanie Padayachee
August 8, 2018 No comments

This August, we're featuring 6 inspirational women who are making a name for themselves in the food industry.

They've shared their stories, favourite products and recipes.... for now we're focusing on:

Inspiring Woman: Vanie Padayachee

Vanie, tell us brief about yourself & your back ground. How did your love for baking / cooking develop?

Born and brought up in Durban, Chatsworth. Did my Hotel school training at ML Sultan. Worked and studied at the same time. Worked in really great properties, The Haywards Hotel in Port Alfred, The Plettenberg in Plett, LQF, Grande Provance, Phantom Forest in Knysna, Fushi, African Relish in Prince Albert, The PE Hotel Group, back to LQF and now with Leeu Collection at Marigold.

I grew up with a big family, always food around, big family gathering. My gran and both parents were fabulous cooks and learned from them. Both mom and gran also very good bakers and especially in Indian desserts and breads.

What sort of food do your serve and what are your favourite ingredients?

At Marigold we serve Authentic North Indian foods. My favorite ingredients are fresh coriander, home made Garma Masala and fresh chilies

What are your TOP 5 kitchen tools to use:
1) Pestle & Mortar

Kuchenprofi Marble Mortar & Pestle 11x7cm

2) Chefs Knives

Global Cook's Knife 20cm

3) Japanese Mandoline

4) 6 Side Grater

Grater 6 Sided Stainless Steel Handle

5) Small Kitchen Scale

Salter Geo Digital Kitchen Scale Stainless Steel

6) Silicone Spatula

Lacor Silicone Spatula 25cm

my list is endless... I'm a gadget person :)

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Please share one of your favourite cooking related quotes

Cook with passion and eat with love

A short word of encouragement for young girls wanting to pursue a career in the industry

Be yourself and love what you are doing, you are beautiful and unique

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