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​Fun Things to Do with Your Kids in the School Holidays

​Fun Things to Do with Your Kids in the School Holidays
March 28, 2018 No comments

Fun Things to do with your kids in the School Holidays!

The autumn school holidays are here, and with the chilly weather limiting children’s playtime options, parents are all undoubtedly racking their brains trying to concoct exciting indoor activities to help their kids beat the boredom. What better way in which to have a bit of fun and make special memories together than by creating something yummy in the kitchen and exploring a new recipe or two as a family? It’s time to whip out those aprons and that whisk and start working on some delicious treats – it’s time to get baking!

Embrace the Mess

Baking with children is messy – and it should be! Don’t be afraid to allow your kids to really get stuck into (quite literally) that sticky cookie dough, or to play around with all of that powdery flour. This is because, aside from being tons of fun, baking with the little ones also boosts them on an educational level. All of the measuring and counting helps them to build on their math skills, reading and discovering new words in the recipe book helps to enrich their vocabulary and improve their comprehension skills, and the different textures involved in the baking process assist in enhancing their fine motor skills.

Simple, Scrumptious Cupcakes

There are so many baking recipes that you can try out, but our favourite is this simple recipe for enchanting cupcakes. Requiring just 30 minutes of combined prep and baking time, these little delicacies will be ready long before the kids start having that inevitable ‘but-they’re-taking-too-long-I-want-some-NOW’ meltdown! Each cupcake is bound to be mouth-wateringly delicious and the added bonus is that the kiddies can get really creative when it comes to decorating them. Vibrantly-coloured sprinkles, decadent chocolate chips, sparkly edible glitter, Jelly Tots, Smarties – the possibilities are practically endless!

From an equipment perspective, you’ll need cupcake liners – choose from Regent’s selection of colourful options - your Regent Muffin Making Tray and Cooling Rack, 2 large bowls for mixing, a beater and a sieve.

Ingredients-wise, you’ll need:

• 110 grams of softened butter

• 110 grams of castor sugar

• 110 grams of plain flour

• 5ml of vanilla extract

• 1.5ml of salt

• 10ml of baking powder

• 2 medium eggs

and an icing of your choice – don’t forget your decorations!

How it’s Done:

1. Start by pre-heating the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and getting the kids to place the cupcake liners into the Regent muffin baking tray.

2. Next, you’ll place the castor sugar and butter into one of the bowls and beat until fluffy. If you have more than one child, let them take turns doing the beating (it’s a tiring task for little hands and arms, after all!).

3. The next job will be to sift all of the remaining dry ingredients into the bowl. You might want to take the lead when it comes to this step as children tend to shake the sift too vigorously, often leading to more ingredients spilling onto the floor than in the bowl itself!

4. In a separate bowl, get the kids to crack open the eggs and pour in the vanilla extract. Beat until just combined before adding to the other bowl.

5. Finally, let the kids spoon the mixture carefully into the cupcake holders.

6. Place in the oven for approximately 20 minutes before removing and, once fully baked, leave to cool for 10 minutes in the tray.

7. Use the cooking/cooling time to make the icing together, carefully following the package directions.

8. Remove the cupcakes from the tray and leave to cool further on your Regent cooling rack until there’s no more danger of the little ones burning their tongues in all their eagerness to sample their tasty creations!

9. If you can stop the kids from digging in for a little bit longer, now’s the time to ice and decorate. Go NUTS (or perhaps even add them if the kiddos don’t mind)!

The Regent Bakeware product range includes baking trays, cooling racks, spatulas, measuring spoons, an assortment of cupcake liners and measuring jugs – oh, and their colourful child bakeware gift set is the icing on the cake!

By Regent Bakeware, HCS

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