About Us

BANKS was established in 1939 in District Six, Cape Town. It was started by Avraham Bank and his son Abba Bank - a family shop (hence the business was named after the family name) and remains in the family today. The BANKS that was in District Six was both hiring and selling, however the hiring section was sold many years ago.

For those of you who are fortunate to remember the BANKS of District Six, will remember a shop where you could get anything you needed for your kitchen; friendly and helpful staff and a sense of energy, chaos and disorder that somehow seemed to work!

Banks the Shop

BANKS of today, 77 Sir Lowry Road, Cape Town has the same feel that was nurtured by ABBA BANK who sadly passed away in March 2008. It is now run and owned by his daughter, Debbie, and his son-in-law Ian Cohen thus keeping it a flourishing family business. The staff at BANKS are friendly and helpful; and have a friendly banter that creates the chaos and energy of the past! The shop itself has been renovated and is always changing to keep up with the times, and to make viewing of goods easier, while still keeping that slight disorder that many of our customers love. These ongoing improvements to the shop hope to enhance our goal of making BANKS more retail friendly to the general public, but keeping prices in check and still focusing our attention on the hospitality trade. We hope to achieve a good mix! Since our renovations, the feel is much more efficient and slick, with lovely displays to peruse and exciting new ranges and products to discover; with the same Banks energy and service.

With the widest and latest range of kitchen appliances, stylish pots and pans, crockery, cutlery, glassware and more, BANKS is your perfect kitchen shop!

If you’re cooking up a storm in your restaurant, catering for hundreds or simply preparing a meal for the family, you’ll find everything your kitchen desires at BANKS

Banks Kitchen Boutique Stores

In 2009, Banks opened their first boutique store at the Cape Quarter in Green Point, with the focus aimed at offering high end good quality items for use in the kitchen and entertaining on a domestic level. The second boutique store followed just over a year later at Piazza St John Sea Point. The realisation for the need for increased space led to the closure of these 2 small stores and the relocation to a much bigger premesis at The Point Mall, in Sea Point. This new store is stunning with room to browse and a huge offering of products to suit all kitchen and entertaining needs. It also offers the variety of stock available in Woodstock with deliveries in between branches at customer’s request. The Sea Point store is the perfect place to buy gifts and to simply spoil yourself – whether it’s a much desired item or just something to make life easier in the kitchen. 

It has a working demo kitchen, with regular product demonstrations, cooking classes as well as cooking competitions. Get in touch to use the facilities or to find out more!

Customers visiting the stores describe it as feeling like a kid in a candy store! You have to come see it to experience it!

Banks Online & Convenient

BANKS is online! Banks launched an online shop in May 2007, making it a new addition to the finely tuned BANKS infrastructure. Our customers have the choice of coming in to our stores and being helped by our staff that have our customer’s interest at heart, ordering through our telesales department or ordering online.

This newly redeveloped online store hopes to make shopping easier for you! Buy online and get your goods delivered to you!  Check in regularly for some great online specials.

In moving with the times, Banks also has a blog – where you can find out about some new and exciting products, competitions, demos, get some product reviews, recipes and lots more. You can also follow us on social media for regular updates about new products, specials and competitions etc

Gift Registry

In addition to this, a fantastic feature that goes hand in hand with our online shop is our Gift Registry section. Set up with bridal couples in mind, it is also accessible to anyone wanting to set up a gift registry (for example birthdays, kitchen teas, house warmings or even Church Halls, Sports Pavilions/Clubs, School Canteens etc), and allows you to select the items you want. Friends and family from across the world can buy you a wonderful gift online. We will wrap the gift, attach a message from the person buying the gift and deliver it to you at no additional cost to anyone! From feedback we have received we are happy to say that our gift registry is a great success!!

Gift Cards

Banks also has on offer the very popular Banks Gift Card. Struggle buying gifts? Buy a Banks Gift Card loaded with money that can be spent at any of the  Banks stores as well as online.

Is your playground your kitchen?

Then it’s time for a visit to BANKS - Come and play