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Global Kitchen Knife 11cm

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Global Kitchen Knife 11cm

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High-tech from tip to handle, Global knives from Japan created a sensation when they burst onto the world's culinary stage as an alternative to traditional European-style cutlery. Blades are made of hard molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel and "face-ground" with a long taper, rather than a short bevel, so edges remain sharp longer than even the best high-carbon stainless-steel knives. Edges also are ground at a more acute angle than traditional European-style knives and arrive from the factory razor sharp. Although Global also makes a heavyweight line for cooks who prefer hefty knives, its original knives--of which this 4-1/4-inch paring knife is an example--have thinner blades and are lighter than traditional European-style knives.

Global also dispensed with bolsters on its original knives to reduce weight. Global achieves balance on these knives by injecting a precise amount of sand for a particular blade style into a hollow handle. To ensure balance is continuous, the sand flows inside the handle as the cook manoeuvres the blade. A finger notch between blade and handle provides safety. Stainless-steel handles are Global's most striking feature. They're molded to fit the hand and dimpled to resist slipping. Smaller around than many European-style handles, they're easy for small-handed cooks to grasp, and the seamless construction between handle and blade is more sanitary. This knife's wedge-shaped handle is particularly well engineered for grasping securely with a relaxed hand. Global recommends using a ceramic sharpener or a diamond steel instead of a metal sharpening steel for its knives, supplemented by a synthetic whetstone, a ceramic whetstone, or a Shinkansen Sharpener. Global also makes a sharpening guide set so blades can be honed on a whetstone at the proper angle. Global knives should be hand washed to protect edges.


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  • Brand: Global
  • Size: 11cm


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