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Bond 24 Piece Cutlery Set

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Bond 24 Piece Cutlery Set

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Bond has 18/0 forks and spoons. The Knives are made from a high carbon steel so it retains its edge.


Staining and pitting is a rare phenomenon but does occur due to bad handling, especially in the inexpensive ranges with no nickel content. Knife blades are made from harder stainless steel in order to achieve a lasting edge but this harder steel has a lower corrosion resistance.

Prolonged contact with water is probably responsible for most staining and pitting trouble. The following guidelines should be noted to avoid any potential problems.

  • Wash cutlery immediately after use. Never leave wet overnight and do not use a rinse and hold cycle.
  • Wipe dry as soon as a dishwasher has finished its cycle.
  • Load the cutlery correctly and use the correct type and quality of detergent.
  • Salt is particularly corrosive. After adding salt to your dishwasher make sure that the machine is put through the program recommended by the supplier before washing your cutlery.
  • Tap water contains trace elements which leaves a thin film if allowed to dry without wiping.


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